About Us

What is a Sling Ring? A Sling Ring is the most fun, satisfying keychain and fidget toy in one that you can bring with you and Sling your keys wherever you go to pass the time.

The Sling Ring is designed and made under one roof, machined at the Meetall Shop in Connecticut, USA. We specialize in high quality, precision machined keychains, built to provide the most satisfying, durable, and fun experience.

The Sling Ring allows anyone to Sling their keys comfortably and learn new tricks and flicks from easy to hard. Slinging your keys also helps put your tireless hands in action, reducing your restlessness and reducing stress.

The Sling Ring is proudly made in the USA by the Meetall Shop, a small-family run machine shop based in Connecticut, and is CNC machined out of aluminum 6061 for a durable and lightweight finish. The Sling Ring Mk1 is currently still in its first generation of production as our goal is to continually improve the use, function and look of the Sling Ring in future generations.